• Clean and clean and do it all over again!

    We take a clean and healthy play environment seriously. That’s why we clean every day, morning, noon, and night. We make sure every surface, toy, and playground is clean and safe.

    Daily routines

    The Playroom is cleaned according to established routines, with each attraction cleaned according to its specific requirements.

    During opening hours and continuously throughout the day:

    • Vacuum all floors and open areas.
    • Vacuum the blue carpet in the Playroom.
    • Collect trash and balls from common areas.
    • Clean party rooms and party kitchens.
    • Clean hand sanitizer stations.
    • Monitor and clean restrooms hourly throughout the day.
    • Monitor and clean the dining area throughout the day.

    At closing time:

    • Vacuum and mop the bistro.
    • Vacuum and mop the entrance areas.
    • Wipe down tables.
    • Collect trash and balls from common areas.
    • Clean restrooms.
    • Clean the kitchen and wash dishes.
    • Wipe down front-of-house cash register surfaces.
    • Monitor and clean back-of-house cash register area as needed.
    • Empty trash cans.
    • Arrange furniture.
    • Wipe down and clean slush machines and refill them.
    • Clean party rooms and common areas around them.

    Weekly routines

    All areas are cleaned according to a rotating cleaning schedule, with specific cleaning and maintenance instructions applied to each task.


    • Toddler area with side areas
    • Bicycle track 1 and 2
    • Megaslide
    • Slides
    • Trampolines
    • Tire slide
    • Small ball pits (including disinfection)
    • Ship


    • Entrance including cash registers
    • Lounges and changing rooms

    Monthly routines

    Maintenance and deep cleaning:

    • Slush machines
    • Crisp & popcorn machines
    • Chairs and tables
    • Refrigerator and freezer

    Deep cleaning:

    • Trash room
    • Party rooms and party kitchens
    • Balls
    • Lego Pucks
    • Plastic plants and animals
    • Tunnels
    • Slides
    • Floor surfaces