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    Play and Move at Leo's in Bergen!

    Leo’s in Bergen is a fun and energetic experience for the whole family! From wall to wall, there’s something for everyone to enjoy, regardless of age or skill level. In our versatile environment, children’s motor, physical and social skills develop without them even realizing it, and time flies by when you’re having fun. So what are you waiting for? Book your playtime and start your adventure. We are open every day, all year round!

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    Prices at Leo’s Bergen

    Leo's is packed with joy, adventure, and seriously cool stuff for all ages. When you book your playtime in advance online, you can also check out the ticket prices. They vary depending on the play area, day, and time slot. Babies under one year old embark on adventures for free, and toddlers under two zoom around at discounted rates.

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    Kokstaddalen 18, 5257 Kokstad, Norway

    📩 – bergen@leoslekeland.no

    ☎ – 55520450