• Safe Adventures

    Safety at Leo's

    At Leo’s, the safety of your children is our top priority. We regularly check and document all the park’s activities and play areas to ensure that they are safe for your little ones. Our staff follows clear rules and procedures to keep everyone safe.

    We check the play areas and activities every day. We carefully record all checks in our system according to a well-planned process.

    Daily routines

    We’re checking and documenting:

    • The safety of all activities
    • Accessibility of exit points indoors and outdoors
    • Functionality of emergency lighting
    • Functionality of exit signs

    Weekly routines

    We’re checking and documenting:

    • The condition of the playground equipment thoroughly.
    • The functionality and cleanliness of the machines and equipment

    Monthly routines

    We’re checking and documenting:

    • If the doors are working fine and in good condition
    • Accessibility of exit routes both indoors and outdoors
    • Lights and fluorescent tubes
    • Functionality of emergency lighting
    • Operation of machines
    • Cleanliness outside the building
    • That exit signs are intact and in place
    • First aid supplies/first aid kits
    • Automatic fire alarm system

    Quarterly Routines

    We check the automatic fire alarm quarterly.

    Yearly routines

    Every year, we undergo an audit conducted by an external independent inspector, evaluating safety according to the EN1176 standard. This helps us identify, prevent, and eliminate potential risks. Additionally, we annually review:

    • Alarm system functionality
    • Hand-operated fire extinguishers
    • Burglar alarm operation
    • Fire alarms
    • Accident training
    • Practical fire training for children

    Fire Safety Routines

    Our staff receive training on fire safety, which includes how to conduct evacuations in the play area. Fire drills are conducted once a year at all play areas. The functionality of fire alarms is regularly tested. Additionally, we hold annual fire safety training sessions where staff learn how to handle extinguishing and evacuation procedures. Furthermore, we provide annual training in CPR and First Aid.