• Play & movement at Leo's!

    Prices at Leo's

    Leo's is a place full of joy, adventure and super exciting things for all ages. When you book your playtime in advance online, you can also check out the entrance fee prices. They vary depending on the park, day and time. Choose the most suitable one and then just rush in!

    Buy tickets & book a playtime

    Buy online and save

    Score discounted tickets when you buy online in advance! And while you’re at it, book a playtime too – then you’re all set for an epic adventure!

    Guaranteed spot guarantees the fun!

    To ensure everyone has plenty of room to frolic, we make sure there’s always just the right amount of visitors. When you purchase your ticket online, it’s wise to also reserve playtime. That’s your guaranteed spot for your little one and ensures smooth sailing at the entrance. We welcome you to Leo’s at your scheduled playtime, and then it’s just a matter of trotting in to enjoy four hours of adventure and fun!

    Pick your perfect playtime!

    Just take your time and pick the playtime that works best for you, both day and time-wise. You can also check out the ticket prices, which vary depending on the time. Once you’ve made your choice, we’re happy to welcome you to the most fun four hours ever!

    Change your booking easily

    No worries if something unexpected comes up and you can’t make it! You can still change your booking up to an hour before your visit. It’s easy to do via your Leo’s Family account.

    Booking playtime with an annual pass

    If you have an annual pass, make sure to book your playtime in advance online – preferably 48 hours before your visit. This is even though we automatically reserve a certain number of playtimes for annual pass holders. We keep these spots reserved up to 48 hours before the visit. After that, we release any unbooked playtimes for everyone to grab. So, remember to book your slot 48 hours in advance and do it through your Leo’s & HopLop Family account.

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    Chillin' for grown-ups

    When kids are having a blast, adults are having a blast too! Kick back on our comfy couches and soak up the joyous vibes of the little ones. We’ve got free Wi-Fi and surfing stations too, so you can stay connected with your pals and spread the fun on social media. Don’t forget to tag @leos_leikkimaa when you share those pics, but hey, make sure you play by the rules and laws, okay?

    For the little ones, their very own playground!

    We’ve reserved a special play area just for the little ones in the family. It’s not just safe, it’s also ridiculously fun: it encourages movement, exploration, and learning new things. The floors are soft, perfect for crawling and practicing those wobbly first steps. Leo’s offers free entry for those under one year old. And of course, you can bring the stroller along to the playground.

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