• Dream birthday party with ice cream bomb & pancakes

    A Party at Leo's is More Than Just a Party!

    Welcome to book Leo’s delightful Dream Birthday with ice cream bomb and pancakes – one of our many birthday packages for your child’s special day! With over ten years of experience in creating memorable children’s birthdays, we know exactly how to plan and deliver an amazing experience.

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    Party pack full of fun!

    Serve pancakes at the birthday to recharge energy. Children get hungry from playing, goofing around, and running in Leo's jungle, and pancakes are something that kids love. And the best part? It gets them ready to continue playing and exploring all the fun Leo's jungle has to offer! Here you can see what's included in the birthday package. The birthday host ensures that the birthday goes smoothly. Ice cream comes with a birthday song, and the host is there to replenish refreshments as needed. However, they are not present in the room the entire hour, and the way the food is served varies depending on the play area and package, and will be specified when you choose the package in the booking process.