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    Supplier Information & Contact

    Leos Lekland has year-long agreements with all our suppliers of equipment, food, candy, and consumables. We utilize established media agencies for all purchases of advertisements and promotions. Everything is centrally procured by the headquarters. If you wish to get in touch with us and offer any marketing service or collaboration, please email marknad@leoslekland.se. Other suppliers can contact us via  leverantor@leoslekland.se.

    Press information & contact

    If you, as a journalist, wish to get in touch with us regarding press inquiries or to access press materials, please email us at press@leoslekland.se.

    Establishment & contact

    We’re on the lookout for spaces/venues throughout the Nordic countries and Germany. Our primary aim is to connect with property owners, municipalities, or other entities who can provide spaces of around 4000 square meters. Leo’s doesn’t deal with franchises, and all units are owned and operated by the company. If you have inquiries about new establishments, please reach out to Robert Lexberg, Expansion Manager, at robert.lexberg@leoslekland.se.