Our story

    It all started back in 2006 with a simple vision – to create a meeting place where families can enjoy the joy of play and movement. It turned out to be the perfect formula. Today, Leo’s Playland is the largest indoor adventure park chain in the Nordic countries, with nearly 50 locations and eyes set on Europe.

    Leo 2006 - 2015

    The journey begins in Sweden and continues for a few years. In 2011, the company acquired a Norwegian chain with five amusement parks, and carried on its operations in two countries until 2013, when Leo’s expanded into Denmark and established its first amusement park in Aalborg. In December 2014, Leo’s forged a strong partnership with Litorina to take the chain to the next level.

    Leo 2016 - present day

    In addition to expanding in existing countries, Leo’s also came to Finland and opened two indoor playgrounds in Tampere and Kempele. In 2017, Leo’s acquired the indoor playground chain Andy’s, and in 2019, the first playground in Germany was opened.


    It all starts in Luleå, Sweden. Founders Joakim Gunler and Jonas Rönnqvist wanted to create a place for families focused on play and exercise.

    Another playland is established in Umeå, Sweden.

    A branch is set up in Växjö.

    Branches in Skellefteå and Kalmar.

    A branch in Borås.

    The company acquires a Norwegian chain with five adventure parks. Leo’s is established in Haugesund, Kristiansand, Stavanger, Tromsø, and Trondheim.
    Branches are established in Malmö, Bærum (Oslo), and Fredrikstad.

    Expansion to Bergen, Eskilstuna, Uppsala, Oslo (Ulsrud), and Västerås.

    Leo’s expands to Denmark and opens its first playland in Aalborg.
    Expanding the first playland in Luleå and establishing a branch in Linköping.

    The first playland in Stockholm (Arninge/Täby). Branch in Jönköping. In December 2014, Leo’s forms a strong partnership with Litorina to enable further expansion.

    A new bistro concept is launched – Bistro Leo’s. Three new playlands are established in Denmark – Odense, Aarhus, and Copenhagen (Herlev). In Sweden, a playland is established in Karlstad.

    Leo’s arrives in Finland, opening two playlands in Tampere and Kempele. Expansion continues in Sweden with four new indoor adventure parks – in Malmö (Stora Bernstorp), Sundsvall, Helsingborg, and Borlänge. A completely new Bistro menu is launched.

    Leo’s acquires the play center chain Andy’s and rebrands the play centers in Stockholm (Bromma and Barkarby). A playland is established in Kungens Kurva, Stockholm. Stockholm now has four play centers. Two play centers in Sweden (Umeå and Uppsala) relocate to new locations. Expansion continues in Finland, in Jyväskylä and Lahti, and in Denmark, in Ishøj (Copenhagen).

    The fifth playland in Finland (Pori) is established. In Sweden, three new establishments are made during the first and second quarters – in Halmstad, Partille (Gothenburg), and Länna (Stockholm).

    Four new Leo’s establishments are founded, two in Finland (Turku and Espoo), one in Sweden (Kristianstad), and one in Germany (Bremen). Leo’s enters a new market by opening its first playland in Northern Germany, in the city of Bremen. The opening is a huge success – the best opening week in Leo’s history. We’ve never had so many guests in an opening week before.

    Leo’s achieves a significant milestone by opening its 50th playland in Mölndal, Gothenburg (Sweden). We also reopen our playland in Borås (Sweden) at a new location. During the pandemic, we were closed for 100 days. We reopen with a new digital entrance system to comply with pandemic restrictions.

    Leo’s continues its expansion in Gothenburg (Sweden) and opens in Backaplan.

    Leo’s Group acquires the Finnish playcenter chain HopLop with 16 facilities. The group now has a total of 65 playcenters.