• A guide to our slides

    At Leo’s, there’s a slide for every taste – fast, twisty, and fun! Kids absolutely adore them, they’re the cherry on top of the playtime experience. Here’s a rundown of our seven favorite slides. Which one is your favorite?

    Compete down at Racing Slide!

    Adrenaline and speed! Race against friends or parents in the exhilarating Racing Slide. Each slide is themed after a different animal, so choose the fastest one and see who reaches the bottom first! Who will be crowned the fastest in the jungle? Hit the button below and find out the winner – will it be the giraffe, snake, tiger, or zebra? Victory awaits the best jungle adventurer! Racing Slide is suitable for children of all ages, but the tunnel might be too intense for the littlest ones.

    Leo Town - Fun and Fast-paced for the Little Ones

    A little kids’ playground, where everything is mini-sized! Even the slides are perfectly suited and adorable for the little ones. Many children take their very first slide here – always an exhilarating moment!

    Snake Slide - A Fascinating Serpent Journey

    Are you ready for an exhilarating adventure? Experience the thrilling ride of the Snake Slide! Wind your way down and emerge from the mouth of the snake. There’s plenty of speed and twists, and your stomach will surely tingle! Snake Slide is perfect for those who love fast-paced slides.

    Tiger Slide - Fun for the Whole Family

    Whole family on board! Tiger Slide features several side-by-side slides, so you can race each other, ride together, or spot jungle animals along the way. Grrr-eat fun for everyone!

    Tubby Slide - Sledding in the Jungle

    Watch out on the slope! Tubby Slide is like a sled hill in the jungle – 10 meters high and 20 meters long. Slide down with the wind roaring in your hair and adrenaline rushing through your veins. Tubby Slide is suitable for everyone – even the little ones can slide down with their parents. Pull the tube up and go again!

    Waterfall - dare to give it a try?

    Are you craving a real adrenaline rush? Then it’s time to take on Leo’s ultimate challenge: The Waterfall! This steep and fast slide is perfect for the slightly more daring adventurers. Lean back and feel the butterflies in your stomach as you embrace the thrill of speed. While this slide is suitable for all ages, we generally recommend it for slightly older kids.

    Zebra Slide - Adventure awaits!

    Are you ready for a jungle adventure? Zebra Slide is the perfect spot for a wild escapade together. Race down into the colorful ball pit or play around on safari. And the grand finale? A spectacular splash into the ball pit. Zebra Slide is suitable for kids of all ages.