• Three-year-old birthday party

    Birthday party for 3-Year-Olds

    Yay, turning three! Birthdays are such a blast and a great way to create memories together for both the kids and the parents. Many want to throw a three-year-old a birthday bash, and there are plenty of options for that.

    First Birthday with Friends

    At the age of three, many children take a step towards having their very own birthday parties. Previously, celebrations might have been mainly among family and relatives, but at three years old, it’s often time to invite friends to join the festivities too. Typically, a few close friends are invited along with, perhaps, some daycare buddies with whom the child plays the most. Why not surprise everyone and invite the entire daycare group?

    Games for a 3-year-old's birthday party

    When it comes to three-year-olds, there usually isn’t a great need for highly structured games – rules and instructions can still be difficult to grasp. Additionally, kids at this age often prefer smaller groups. A clear trend for this age group is that things are full of energy and bustle. Three-year-olds adore any games that involve running, jumping, and just generally being active!

    Venue for the 3rd Birthday Party

    If you don’t feel like hosting your kid’s birthday party at home, Leo’s is the perfect spot for a three-year-old’s celebration. That way, you won’t have to worry about organizing, planning, or cleaning up, and most importantly, the kids will absolutely love playing and having a blast at the playground. Here at Leo’s, kids can unleash their energy and create unforgettable memories together. For this age group, it’s crucial to have plenty of space to move around freely, whether it’s running, jumping, climbing, or dancing. Leo’s offers diverse play areas and activities perfectly suited for our little three-year-old guests. They can slide down together, bounce on the trampoline, and explore Leo’s toddler zone, specifically designed for children aged 1-5.

    Theme parties

    Through play, kids develop their imagination. Popular play and role-play themes include princess or pirate games, exploring different worlds like underwater or space, and dancing to disco music. Leo's has themed rooms for all these adventures - all to make a child's first parties perfect and bring their birthday dreams to life!

    Check out Leo's party rooms!

    Catering for a 3-Year-Old Birthday Party

    For three-year-olds, the best serving is usually simple food that kids of that age enjoy. When you book parties at Leo’s, there are ready-made party menus to choose from. Besides ice cream, there are heartier options like pancakes, hot dogs, and hamburgers available. These provide children with extra energy so they can keep running around and playing in the playground. Since parties often have a lot of treats, it’s popular to offer something heartier from our birthday menu as well. It’s also possible to customize menus with different options to suit all three-year-olds as best as possible!

    The Role of a Parent at a 3-Year-Old's Birthday Party

    Three-year-olds love playing and exploring, and it’s important that they can do so in a safe environment where they feel comfortable and can dive into the fun. If you have or have had a three-year-old, you know they can be quite shy, and a parent’s presence can feel really important to them. Children may need support with a parent by their side encouraging them to play and have fun, especially if the party is in a new place.

    Dream Birthdays at Leo's

    Birthday parties at Leo’s aren’t just a fun frenzy, but also an unforgettable experience. During the festivities, the three-year-old gets to sit down for a special birthday meal wearing a crown. The package also includes a party bag as a gift, and together with a parent, the child gets to embark on an adventure into Leo’s secret treasure chamber. Depending on the day, the birthday star and other three-year-olds might even get to meet the children’s favorite, Leo the lion. So many wishes come true in a single day – simply dream birthday parties!