• Running training for kids

    Go for a run with the family

    Spring is here, and that means more time and outdoor play. Whether you or your child are planning to participate in any training races, this is the perfect time for outdoor running and play. Here we have compiled our best tips on how running can become a fun family activity.

    Daily movement

    We know that children need to move to feel good. It is important for both body and mind, and through movement, children can cope with more. The recommendation is that children should be physically active for 60 minutes a day to promote health and lifestyle – both in the short and long term. Through play and sports, children develop motor skills, coordination, endurance and strength – while having fun. When physical activity is fun, it also increases the chance of staying active in the long term. It should be fun to move!

    Can children train their cardio?

    There is no need for children to run long distances before puberty. This is because preschool and school-aged children cannot train their heart muscles or oxygen uptake to any significant degree. They therefore need all-round training in the form of speed, coordination and anaerobic endurance, which means running such short and fast distances that the body does not have time to oxygenate the muscles. Children can get all of this through play – playing on the school playground, participating in a sport, playing tag, or having fun at a playground.

    Running training with children

    Running strengthens legs and creates tons of joy of movement! But everyone is different, and while some children love to run, others prefer to move in other ways. For children to find it fun to move and want to do it often, it is important that it happens on their terms. Do the kids like to run? Go for it! If they don’t seem particularly interested in running, it may be better to develop their running joy through other play and movement.

    For children between the ages of 6-12 who love running, it works well to practice running techniques such as high knees and heel kicks, short intervals, relays and games such as different variations of tag. Younger children also like to run a lot and often, but it is best done through play. It is difficult to say how far children should run, as there is not enough research. Some longer distances are fine as long as the children themselves find it fun.

    Running for children

    On your marks, get set, go! Running should be fun, and for many children, training runs are a real experience. Children’s races are often full of energy, enthusiasm and joy of movement! It is important that it happens on the children’s terms, without pressure to perform. The most important thing is not to compete, but to have fun!

    Cycle beside

    As a parent, you are of course a major source of inspiration for your child. Have you ever heard that children do as you do? If you put on your running shoes and get out, there’s a good chance your kids will do the same.

    Whether you’re training for a race or just want to feel good and cope better with everyday life, you can take your child with you. A real classic is to let the kids cycle alongside while you run yourself. It becomes a fast-paced family activity, and for you as a runner it can be a real challenge and a chance to train intervals.

    Play, run and move at Leo's

    During a visit to Leo’s, children get plenty of exercise. Across thousands of square meters of play area, children can move freely, run, play, and explore. We’ve observed that they take an average of 12,000 steps during a visit.