• Playrules

    To make your visit with us as enjoyable and pleasant as possible, we have some simple rules.

    • Play is at your own risk, and it is the responsibility of adults to inform children about the rules.
    • All children must come with an adult who is responsible for them throughout the visit.
    • To prevent children from harming themselves or others, it is not allowed to have sharp objects in pockets or on clothing.
    • All equipment at Leo’s is specially designed for children and their safety. This means that some attractions and play areas may be narrow or low, so adults should be extra careful.
    • No outside food is allowed.
    • Food, candy, chewing gum, snacks, etc., should be consumed in our lovely café, not on the play areas.
    • Leo’s Lekland is not responsible for clothes, valuables, and shoes.
    • Staff have the right to refuse entry to children and adults who endanger the safety of others.

    Keep your socks on!
    Here, everyone wears socks except Leo because he’s a lion. Feel free to buy Leo’s nice socks in the shop. We advise against nylon socks due to the risk of slipping.